the wildflower clinic 

Founded by Dana Hutchinson, M.A.., C.H., C.N., C.R.M., C.F.E.P., RYT 200


  • Certificate in Advanced Chinese Herbology- Institute of Chinese Herbology

  • Certificate in Nutrition- Cornell University

  • Certified Flower Essence Practitioner- Heart of Herbs Herbalism School

  • Certified Herbalist- Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

  • Certified Reiki Therapist- Body Mind Energy Center

  • Certificate in Advanced Medical Herbalism- North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

  • Certificate in Rocky Mountain Field Botany- Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr- Cascade School of Yoga

  • Certificate in Living Foods Lifestyle- Anne Wigmore Natural Health Institute

Diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease in 2011, Dana faced a health battle with the Western World’s radical treatment plans that only worsened her disease. She immediately became devoted to studying preventive medicine, holistic nutrition, and both Eastern and Western herbal medicine modalities in order to help others with health conditions. With a strong background in Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with extensive knowledge in advanced formulation in Western Medical Herbalism, Dana is dedicated to discovering the “root cause” in each patient by supporting their health journey on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.



·        Allergies/ Asthma

·        Anxiety (GAD, PTSD, OCD, phobia, social, panic)

·        Arthritis (Rheumatoid, osteoarthritis)

·        Celiac Disease

·        Crohn’s Disease

·        Depression

·        Eczema

·        Emotional Trauma

·        Endometriosis

·        Fatigue

·        Hyperthyroidism (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis)

·        Hypothyroidism (Grave’s Disease)

·        Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

·        Infertility

·        Insomnia/ Sleep Difficulty

·        Irregular & Absence of Menstruation

·        Lichen Sclerosis (L.S)

·        Migraines/ Tension Headaches

·        Multiple Sclerosis (M.S)

·        Pain (Muscular, Joint, Nerve)

·        Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (P.C.O.S)

·        Premenstrual Syndrome (P.M.S)

·        Psoriasis (Psoriatic Arthritis)

·        Respiratory Infections

·        Ulcerative Colitis (U.C)

·        Urinary Tract Infections (U.T.I’s)


Education, Apprenticeship & Speaking:

External Speaking Engagements:

  • Botanical Medicine Keynote Speaker- Women Wine & Wellness Belmar Chapter- November 18th, 2019. “Clinical Protocols for Autoimmune Conditions”

  • Plant Medicine Keynote Speaker- Women Wine & Wellness Avon Chapter August 5th, 2019. “Autoimmune Diseases & Herbal Therapeutics”

  • Autoimmune Specialist Keynote Speaker- Identity of Health Podcast with Matthew Rowe- May 13th, 2019. “Overcoming a Chronic Autoimmune Disease; Lichen Sclerosis.” Listen here!

Continuing Education & Apprenticeship:

  • East West School of Planetary Herbology- (25 hours)

    ·       Planetary Herbology (5 hours)

    ·       Five Elements and TCM Organs (5 hours)

    ·       Differential Diagnosis Part 1 (5 hours)

    ·       Differential Diagnosis Part 2 (5 hours)

    ·       Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis (5 hours)


  • North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (NAIMH)-Advanced Clinical Herbalism Certificate (100 hours)

    ·       Advanced Herbal Actions and Formulation (30 hours)

    ·       Materia Medica Intensive (40 hours)

    ·       Herbal Safety Seminar (30 hours)

  • Point of Balance, Natalie Francois, LAC, Dipl. O.M.- Traditional Chinese Medicine Apprenticeship (20 hours)

    ·       Five Element Theory & Organ Diagnosis (7 hours)

    ·       Clinical Tongue, Pulse, and Nail Diagnosis (7 hours)

    ·       Chinese Herbology & Patient Case Study (7 hours)

  • Institute of Chinese Herbology- Advanced Certificate in Chinese Herbology (300 hours)

    ·       Introduction to Chinese Medicine (12 hours)

    ·       Introduction to Chinese Herbology (18 hours)

    ·       The Art of Diagnosis (12 hours)

    ·       Key Concepts of Chinese Herbology (12 hours)

    ·       Therapeutic Principles of Chinese Herbology (27 hours)

    ·       Herbal Therapies for Organ Dysfunction Part #1 (16 hours)

    ·       Herbal Therapies for Organ Dysfunction Part #2 (16 hours)

    ·       Clinical Case Studies (12 hours)