What to Expect in Your Herbal Consultation

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Your initial signature 90 minute herbal or 60 minute herbal/nutritional consultation will be a comprehensive look at your unique individual health patterns. During this session we will take your blood pressure rate and heart rate, review your completed patient intake form, conduct a Traditional Chinese medicine health assessment (tongue, eyes, lymph, skin & hair analysis), discuss any health questions and concerns you may have, and address your personal health and wellness goals. We will also do a thorough assessment of your body energetics, allergies, current diet, current emotional state, physical state, and develop unique protocols for any chronic health issues you are experiencing. We do recommend booking a food allergy test if you have not had one performed in the last 2 years, as this is an essential pillar in repairing the immune system while supplementing the body with herbs. 

Our Signature Initial Herbal Consultation includes a 60 minute health consultation & a 30 minutes hands- on treatment of your choice; a chakra healing reiki energy treatment or a flower essence emotional blockage treatment. Our Initial Herbal/Nutritional Consultation includes a 60 minute health consultation & a plant-based 6 week detox program. Please note that all prescriptions and protocol formulation are extra costs. Custom herbal formulation tea (8 oz.) start at $45 & custom herbal tinctures glycerin or alcohol (2 oz.) start at $50. The charge for formulation, dispensary, & packaging is $35 per patient. You will be able to pick up your prescription at the Wildflower Clinic in 2 business days after your appointment!