What to Expect in your Nutritional Consultation

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Your Nutritional consultation will consist of an hour session where we will thoroughly discuss your intake form, discuss your current diet, and discuss your current ailments within your physical and emotional body. We will discuss your diet habits and changes in accordance with lifestyle, exercise, and spiritual practice. Your practitioner will assess your physical signs through a TCM diagnosis by examining your tongue, eyes, lymph, and hands. Depending on your nutritional goals, you will be provided with a 6 week detox cleanse including clinically proven recipes to begin or enhance your road to wellness. You will likely be prescribed herbs to assist your nutritional absorption for the first 2 months. Prescriptions are extra costs and run from $45 for custom 8 oz. herbal tea formulas and $50 for custom 2 oz. tinctures. The charge for formulation, dispensary, & packaging is $35 per patient. We are so excited to help you on your nutritional path to vitality!