What to Expect in you Reiki Energy Treatment

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Your Reiki Energy Treatment will consist of a 45 minute session where your practitioner will be clearing your 7 chakras, auras, and imbalances in the body. The session will begin with an intake of your concerns and reasons for seeking reiki. Your practitioner will then guide you through a state of mediation as you lie on the massage table. The session will begin by the practitioner scanning the body’s energy with a pendulum, noting any frequencies and any chakras that are too open or too closed. The practitioner will then begin light hand’s on touch to the client as they work their way through the 7 chakras on the front and back sides, paying attention to any areas that may need additional energy work. The practitioner will then send full energy to the client and clear any negative energy from the crown chakra to the root and out through the feet. Finally, the practitioner will engage in aromatherapy associated with each chakra and allow the client to smell the aromas, noting any sensations that arise with each light touch and associated aroma. The practitioner will seal the Reiki session, and leave the client with final resting thoughts. The session will conclude with discussing the client’s experience in the session and working through any emotion that came up in the session.